Empowering Women to Overcome Addiction


Our History

Grace House of Memphis was founded in 1976 by Pat Stokes, who had a vision of a establishing a safe home for alcoholic women to get sober with the support of other women suffering from the same disease. Few such places existed, especially if a woman lacked financial resources. For more than 45 years, Grace House has never turned a woman away because of her ability to pay for treatment.

Today, Grace House provides a full continuum of gender-specific, long-term residential and outpatient treatment services. We serve all women whose lives have been negatively impacted by alcohol and/or illicit drug use and who may have a co‐occurring mental or behavioral health disorder.

Approximately 99% of the women that we treated this past year were indigent, with over 65% reported being homeless or not having a safe place to return following treatment. Most women come to us broken and hopeless, as well as materially, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually bankrupt. Removing any financial obligation offering allows our clients to fully focus on healing and beginning their journey of recovery.

Currently, over 6,000 women have been served at Grace House. We are licensed by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and have maintained continuous CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accreditation since 2003.


Our Employees
Karen Morgan, Executive Director Dr. Rachel Farmer, Medical Director Camille Reed, Clinical Director Leslie Brown, Nurse Veronica Brown, Operations Director Laura Terry, Asst. Operations Director Phyllis Bailey, Transition Counselor Meredith Mahoney, Counselor Shajuana Ransom, Counselor Katelyn McGrath, Counselor Sharma Edwards, House Coordinator Dawn White, House Coordinator Jazmyn Batts, Client Care Specialist Diane Morrow, Case Manager Andrayer Montgomery, Case Manager Ora Roderick, Program Assistant Elizabeth Free, Program Assistant Shamika Connor, Overnight Manager Melissa Russell, Overnight Manager Gail Neely, Client Care Specialist Velma Jones, Client Care Specialist Sarah Vgbesea, Client Care Specialist Barbara Hampton, Client Care Specialist Jasmine Robertson, Client Care Specialist Jessica Hayes, Client Care Specialist Susan Burgess, Client Care Specialist Gloria Hicks, Client Care Specialist Mary Turner, Client care specialist


Board Members

Our Board
  • Melisa Burgess, Chair 
  • Sherry Gardner, Vice Chair 
  • John Salajka, Treasurer 
  • Sasha Ennis, Secretary
  • Belinda Mandrell 
  • Julie Patterson 
  • Angie Quadrani 
  • Samantha Wallace 
  • Ronald Robinson

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Empowering Women to Overcome Addiction

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