Grace House of Memphis

Grace House was founded in 1976 by Pat Stokes, who had a vision of a safe place, a home for alcoholic women to get sober with the support of other women suffering from the same disease. Few such places existed, especially if a woman lacked financial resources. Time and spirit have broadened that vision.  Today, Grace House welcomes and offers support to women seeking treatment for their alcohol and substance use disorders, trauma, and co-occurring mental disorders. We, in collaboration with our many community partners, provide a full continuum of long term residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and recovery support services.  We continue to believe in the therapeutic value the home environment of Grace House, where the interactions with, the support of, and the love from other women suffering from the same disorders and issues is a mighty catalyst for healing.  Grace House remains committed to turning no woman away because of the inability to pay.


I had been in two different treatment programs before, and I did not want to be at Grace House, my third. I was so depressed and so sad but they made me laugh through my tears. My experience with the staff was nothing but professional, and so much more personal than I ever had before. I came out feeling like I was valuable, that I had something to offer…It was in all senses a new beginning for me. My experience at Grace House was extremely positive.

Grace House is licensed by and funded in part by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

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